Web Nursery

Welcome to Mahaska Hospital’s Web Nursery. Due to security and logistic reasons, sometimes it is necessary to allow two to four days for a new baby to make his or her appearance on this site. In addition, not all babies born at Mahaska Hospital are featured on this site. Only those babies whose parents request their picture and birth information be put on the site are listed below. New baby information stays online for 60 days.

Click a baby name for more information and a picture.

Name Birthdate
Preston Richard 06/30/2015
Camden Eugene 06/29/2015
Katherine Ann 06/28/2015
Benjamin John 06/26/2015
Dean Roger 06/26/2015
Karly Elizabeth 06/25/2015
Layton John 06/25/2015
Robert Douglas 06/23/2015
Kenneth Kabe 06/22/2015
Liam Landon 06/22/2015
Carter James 06/21/2015
Margot Caroline 06/19/2015
Flint Brian 06/17/2015
Delila Alice 06/16/2015
Cody Johnathon 06/14/2015
Aliya Joyce 06/12/2015
Emily Rose Maryann 06/11/2015
Kash Joseph 06/11/2015
Cooper Allen 06/10/2015
Braxtyn Marion 06/09/2015
Colby Jacob 06/08/2015
Hadley Mae 06/05/2015
a.j. 06/02/2015
Bo Henry 05/25/2015
Joelle Ondrayia Monae 05/22/2015
Kasen Anthony Lee 05/20/2015
Leonidas Daniel 05/15/2015
Greyson Everett 05/12/2015
Declan Daniel 05/10/2015
Tristian Alan Lee 05/08/2015
Corbin Edward 05/06/2015