Visitor Information


Inpatient Geriatric Psychiatry is located on Level 3. When arriving for the first time, use entrance #1, located off of C Avenue East under the large teal canopy.

To protect patients' confidentiality, those who are permitted to visit will be designated upon admission. Visitors may be limited or restricted when clinically necessary to provide safe care. The justified clinical restriction may include, but is not limited to, such things as: 

  • An order from a court limiting or restraining contact.
  • Behavior presents as direct risk or threat to the patient, staff or others in the immediate environment.
  • Infection control issues.
  • Is medically or therapeutically contraindicated such as the patient needs rest or privacy.
  • The patient is undergoing clinical interventions that the treating healthcare professional believes will be more beneficial if visitors are limited during that time.
  • Interferes with the care of other patients.
  • To provide a therapeutic milieu.

An explanation for the limitation or restriction is provided to the patient or support person.

In order to keep the unit safe, we request that you do not bring a purse or tote bag onto the unit. A member of the treatment team must check possessions brought to the unit. If you choose to visit in the patient's room, please keep the room doors open.

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