1. Tell businesses and business leaders about Astrodome Studios. Ask them to support the project and share the Web address,

2. Call television and radio station news departments and ask them to keep their viewers informed about Astrodome Studios.

3. Write the County Commissioners asking them to support the proposal to transform the Astrodome into Astrodome Studios – a motion picture production facility that will bring jobs and worldwide attention to Harris County and Texas. The Commissioners will decide the Dome’s fate:

Mail all County Commissioners at 1001 Preston, 9th Floor, Houston, Texas 77002

El Franco Lee, Commissioner Precinct One (district of the Astrodome)
(713) 755-6111

Sylvia Garcia, Commissioner Precinct Two
(713) 755-6220

Steve Radack, Commissioner Precinct Three
(713) 755-6306

Jerry Eversole, Commissioner Precinct Four
(713) 755-6444

4. Tell friends, family, and colleagues to sign the petition on this page and spread the news! It will take a huge groundswell of support to convince Commissioners that this is the best new use for the Astrodome.

We seek signatures from individuals and companies for a show of support. Harris County officials require that any new use for the Astrodome must have the backing of the general community.

For more information on this petition or the Astrodome Studios project please contact us at:

Astrodome Studios
410 Pierce St. Box 16
Houston, Texas 77002

We Support

Larry Dierker

“I was one of the Astros players who caught a ceremonial first pitch from an Astronaut in the inaugural game at the Astrodome. I was the manager of the team when the last pitch was thrown there in 1999. Naturally, I have a lot of fond memories of the "Dome." It broke my heart when they took the old scoreboard down. At that point, it was not a perfect stadium for baseball or football. Since the Astros and Oilers have moved on to new venues, there have been a lot of ideas about how to keep this historic building functional. About the only one that has captured my imagination is making it in to a grand production studio. Who knows, if that comes to pass, I may have another Astrodome event in me yet.”

- Larry Dierker

“It would be a great use for this wonderful building! It is a marvelous opportunity to turn Houston into a film capital. It has all the requirements: climate, energy, business acumen and talent in every field to promote this lucrative industry that will bring rich rewards to the Houston economy. If this happens, it will also be a source of great fun for all Houstonians and generate income for many small businesses."

- Joanne King Herring

"How exciting that Astrodome Studios is working towards attracting more motion picture business to our Texas, bringing us much-deserved revenue and recognition, while at the same time preserving and restoring my Dad's dream of our Astrodome (the first ever)!

The world once focused on Harris County's monument and now Astrodome Studios can keep our brand making history yet again. My daddy, Judge Roy Hofheinz, was the King of Entertainment, so I know he'd love this idea, especially realizing that the time schedule would accomodate both our Rodeo and The Texans and all our great citizens."

- Dene Hofheinz Anton